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Eastern Meadowlark
Eastern Meadowlark



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Sep. 26, The State of the Birds by Dr. Wayne

The recent U.S. State of the Birds Report highlights two contrasting trends. Positive news emerges from improved waterfowl populations due to wetland conservation efforts. However, a concerning picture emerges as bird populations decline in various habitats such as forests, grasslands, deserts, and oceans. Published by 33 prominent science and conservation organizations, the 2022 report is the first comprehensive analysis of U.S. bird populations since a significant 2019 study revealed a loss of nearly 3 billion birds in North America over five decades. Join Dr. Meyer to explore thriving species and those teetering on decline, along with vital conservation endeavors for species recovery.

Dr. Wayne Meyer, an Associate Professor at Austin College's Biology department for 30 years, realized his birding passion at 13 in Connecticut. In 1993, he fulfilled his dream by joining Austin College's faculty. With extensive birding along both U.S. coasts, he has spent 25 years birding in Texas and Oklahoma. He's a respected speaker for Master Naturalist groups and often presents at Friends of Hagerman NWR Second Saturday programs.


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