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Eastern Meadowlark
Eastern Meadowlark



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Prairie and Timbers Audubon Society
Officers & Chairpersons

To contact officers or chairpersons by e-mail click here PTAS.  Include the name of the person you want the message to be forwarded to or use their e-mail address below.

PTAS Officers

President Mike Cameron 214-293-7778
Vice-President Denise Dengler 972-208-7448
Secretary Betty Parker 972-618-1130
Treasurer John Lingenfelder  

PTAS Chairpersons

Advocacy Merrick Darley (B) 972-422-5355
Conservation/ Armchair Activist    
Education Rodney Thomas (B)
Gailon Brehm
Field Trips Chuck Carlson (B)

Tom Heath (email list)
carchuck<at>gmail com
tom.heath<at> prairieandtimbers org
Hospitality Paula Brehm
Membership Merrick Darley (B) 972-422-5355
Newsletter Editor Merrick Darley (B) 972-422-5355
Newsletter E-mail Notice Merrick Darley (B) 972-422-5355
hmdarley<at> prairieandtimbers org
Programs Denise Dengler (B)
Kristie Carlson (B)
Carolyn Oldham
Candy Anandagoda (B)
Jerri Kerr

Electronic Communications
Merrick Darley (B)

Tom Heath (web site)

Mike Cameron  (FaceBook)
hmdarley<at> prairieandtimbers org

tom.heath<at> prairieandtimbers org

McKinney CBC Mike Cameron (B) 214-293-7778
Board Member Linda Ergonis 972-596-6109
Board Member Rodney Thomas 214-533-8756
Board Member Chuck Carlson 972-679-1200
Board Member Kristie Carlson 972-679-1200
Board Member Merrick Darley 972-422-5355
Board Member Candy Anandagoda 972-517-8987

(B) Board Member


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