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Eastern Meadowlark



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McKinney Audubon Christmas Bird Count

Where:  The Heard Natural Science Museum & Wildlife Sanctuary, McKinney, TX. 

When:  7:00am, Tuesday, December 26

The McKinney Christmas Bird Count is just around the corner!

This year's McKinney, Texas, Christmas Bird Count, will start at 7:00am, Monday morning on December 26th. The count has been a successful joint venture between the Heard Museum and Sanctuary, and the Prairie and Timbers Audubon Society since 1976.

There are 9 zones in the count, including the Museum grounds. If you wish to participate, but are not familiar with the zones or are new to a Christmas Count, just email/call your name and number of people with your party - you will be assigned a zone on the morning of the count or before.

Please let Roger know if you are planning to attend, and if you would like to lead one of the zones.

Roger Sanderson, Count Coordinator
RSanderson<at>TexasDiscoveryGardens org
Work: 214-428-7476 ext. 210

Sign in at 7:00 AM and pick up count sheets at the Heard Museum and Sanctuary,  coffee and donuts available.  You may return to the Heard and turn in your count at any time.  But please return by 4:30 pm.  Lunch at the Heard will be provided.
Maps of the count area, the zones, and a listing of birds observed on pervious counts, will be available the morning of the count.

CBC is now a free program. Audubon will no longer charge the $5.00 fee of field participants.  American Birds will no longer be printed on paper and mailed to participants.  Audubon has moved to an online delivery of the summary results of the CBC.  If, however, participants would like to make a donation to NAS, it would be appreciated.

If you would like to volunteer feeder watch information, please let me know, or just email me your results. Your feeder must be within the count area (7.5 miles from the Heard Sanctuary).

Summary of the 116th Christmas Bird Count, 2015-2016
A collection of reports and summaries. Click HERE.

Christmas Bird Count current year and historical data. Click HERE.

Directions:  From US 75 (Central Expressway), take the Stacy Road exit (in Allen) East. Proceed 1 mile and turn left (North) onto State Highway 5 (Greenville Ave.). Go ~2 mile and turn right onto FM 1378. The museum is located 1 mile east of Highway 5 on the North side of FM 1378, watch for the brown sign.  For directions or additional information you can call 972-562-5566.

Visit the Heard website, to learn about the many programs for children and adults.

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